Bones Strong You Strong!

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It is great quote by one of the great person who is more popular and famous personality, I guess every ones knows that personality but as it is not allowed to take his name in articles so let me just mentioned his quote here so people who may know him will get him. Well the quote is the same as this topic name. It is once well said as “The more your bones are strong the more you become stronger”. This quotation has gathered all the medical and especially orthopaedic science. Bones are the structure of the human body which has to be enough strong in order to get more strong muscles so that your body organs. Let us understand this phenomenon as per this example. When a house or any construction is built so the main thing is its structure and pillars the stronger its pillars, walls from inside and structure the more it can be used for further enhancement and the more a construction get life. If the construction is not good from inside so no matter how much you decorate it or give exterior and interior design it won’t worth it at all. 

Now coming back to our topic, the reason behind to give you such example is just to male reader understand about the fact and the reality of the bones and how bones are playing a vital role in our body and why we need to take more care about our bones and what happened if we did not take care about out bones and how bones can make you strong. So the bones have further parts. In a human body there are two hundred and seventy bones when a human born and when he or grew up it contracts to two hundred and six bones at the adults ages. In females the number and the count of bones are bit different than males. These bones are connected in such a way to make a human body perfect and no any other structure can suits best than the natural bones structure. 

In addition, a part from all bones there are some major bones like back and the most major parts of bones are places on below the back which is also called hips bones. Which matter a lot in a human body, this is very important to take care about selves through various kind of exercises and remedies to keep our bones strong, again bones strong you strong. 

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