Broken Blood Veins And Reasons…

Human body is a master piece and we all agree to it right! There are so many things and mechanisms which are there in the body and medical sciences is still working on it to figure things out, as in what is happening and why it’s happening inside the body organs. In a human body blood works like an engine oil in the car, a human body cannot do anything without blood (in short a body cannot survive, cannot exists without blood). Anyways definitely when there is blood in a human body, it must be travelling through something (the channel that wiring is called vein). 

For those who are unaware of this term have to look on their hands (yes the visible wiring below the palm, on the wrist is what we call a Vein). The job of the vein is to let the blood travel around the body and let it flow normally wherever blood is needed. For those who are not from medical background, they should imagine a car as a human body (in order to develop the understanding). Anyways the term broken blood veins sound as if veins are no more letting the blood to flow from one side to another right? But that is not the case, broken veins are those unusual visible red, light pink (sometimes) veins on the face or hands or legs or anywhere on the body (do not confuse between normal visibility of the veins and broken blood veins) there are some reasons behind broken blood veins which are illustrated below: 

Sun exposure: it is not always some medical reason behind it or internal medical condition, sometimes excessive sun exposure and sunlight may cause veins to appear dramatically (in red color) near nose or ear. That’s why it is highly recommended to apply anti sunlight cream in order to let the skin survive in the sun light (fairness and sunblock creams are not only for fairness or better skin tone purpose). 

Age: by the time we age the visibility of veins become quite bold, due to low body fat percentage, but lie we mentioned broken blood vessels nose treatment in Frankston are no normal veins it appears when the flow pressure is abnormal (due to any reason). 

Pressure: extreme, abrupt change in blood causes the vessel to expose above the skin. Because the visibility of red veins on the skin means that due to extreme flow or abnormal flow of blood veins have been broken and hence are visible on the skin. 

Alcohol: consumption of alcohol causes redness on skin and dilute the veins of the human body permanently, that is the reason when we see a red face person (it means he or she may drink more than usual).